Blame it on the Oreo Truffle

I am a foodie. Always have been. So for me, it just naturally follows to love to cook what I love to eat. Thus began with my journey on baking.

Blame it on the Oreo Truffle. First thing I know, I was just engrossed into becoming a self-proclaimed chocolatier until I held an eight-ounce cream cheese for my truffle fix. A recipe at the back of a cream cheese box told me I could make a no-bake cheesecake. Whoa! Me? Make cheesecake? From scratch? Right.

But once I got into making frozen cheesecakes, I started dreaming of baked ones–with a thick crust, luscious creamy filling that is baked to perfection (believe me, it’s smells oh-so-good fresh out of the oven!). Then came staple equipment: electric mixer (lest I buff just one arm…not good) and my precious mini oven. With these, I started experimenting, testing textures and techniques. Until I’m not satisfied with just cheesecakes. So on to cakes galore…and brownies…and chicken…and my latest quiche. These things I make in my own little kitchen (which I constantly share with four more people) on a makeshift working cum dining table. Three weeks running and I’ve never stopped since.

So this blog is my journal of all those things I do with glorious food when I zone out as I don my apron. Bon appetit!

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