The Secret to Great Chocolate

I’m a self-confessed chocoholic. I love the idea of incorporating chocolate not just in my quick candy fix but in the stuff that I bake. I don’t know…But as far as food is concerned, the aroma of a block of premium quality dark chocolate gives me a high like no other. The sweet, rich, nutty aroma of melted chocolate in a baine marie is the sweetest scent to my nostrils—especially if it’s Belgian chocolate J The scent of chocolate is a flavorful aroma not to the palate, but it appeals to the other senses, too. No wonder cosmetic companies rode on the wave of this euphoria by incorporating chocolate in their products.

But what makes a good, if not great chocolate? Some may present lengthy lectures on the process of producing the world’s finest cocoa but I prefer the simple and obvious: the ones with great quality. Premium blocks of chocolate produce the best quality of chocolate treats. Are these limited to a few brands? Hardly. But famous labels also symbolize decades of perfecting the craft of premium chocolate making. By tradition and length of time, their commitment to perfection has garnered esteemed reputations among their peers; thus, the rise of the famous brands of Ghirardelli, Callebaut, Guylian, and Valrhona. The first is of American origin while the last three are European.

But there’s a disclaimer here: the price goes with the territory. Admittedly, it feels like buying gold whenever I get Belgian chocolate supplies for making chocolate truffles (aside from the other pricey ingredients like heavy cream and premium butter). I almost always feel this burden but whenever I see the finished product and the delight the taste of it brings, the fulfillment outweighs everything else. The rich and robust aroma of fine Belgian chocolate, its velvety texture gliding through the palate, and the wonderful taste of pure luxury in the mouth are enough reasons to drive me (and my friends) to chocoholic frenzy.

It’s understandable that not everyone would be willing to buy chocolates that costs like a casual dining meal. But those who are chocoholics to the core—whose palate always craves for that deep, smooth, silky, and flavorful taste of the finest chocolate the world has to offer—there is an experience like no other. It is indulgence at its best and the investment is always worth it.

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