Tiramisu to Obsess Over

This dessert is a great way to cap a long day's work. Yum.

There are as many recipes of Tiramisu as there are versions of the Italian Spaghetti. I settled on one that’s closest to the traditional recipe and tweaked it a bit for a creamier texture.

Being a coffee-based dessert, the secret of this layered cake is good espresso. Zabaglione (creamy custard-like) with Amaretto liqueur filling is spread over each layer of espresso-dipped lady fingers (which we call ‘broas’ at home). For me, premium ingredients are always full-proof, despite the slight price hike. So I refuse to settle for anything less because it’s always worth it.

In our home, it takes more time to prep this baby than seeing the dish polished out. Best served chilled.


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1 Response to Tiramisu to Obsess Over

  1. beautifullybubbly says:

    I super love this amaretto tiramisu! Im not just obsessed but crazy over it! 🙂

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