Cheesecake Love at Eileen’s Confections

Sweet, tart, and creamy--totally hits the spot!

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Like my previous post where I mentioned there are as many recipes for tiramisu, well, the same thing goes for cheesecake. There are as many variations of cheesecake just as each person is created–unique.

Cheesecake is a time-old recipe, dating back to the Greek Rennaissance. Believe it or not, this crafty and creamy cheesecake has been evolving since the first Olympics began. Greeks have celebrated this as one of their favorite desserts until the Roman conquest where the Romans adopted this dessert as their own.

But what made cheesecake famous was the height of immigration in the United States. Jews have celebrated their cultural heritage even in their new homeland through cheesecakes. The recipes have evolved. And the rest is history.

Basically, there are two kinds of cheesecakes: the one made of cream cheese (just as how Jews made it) and the ricotta version which great Italian cheesecakes are known for. Some say there’s also the New York style which has a tart and creamy taste while on the other side of the country, its creamy and sweet. Well, there are more classifications than I could remember but hey, as long as it tastes great, it doesn’t really matter.

My version of cheesecake is mildly sweet, tart and creamy–infused with flavors that blend and opens each one up to the palate. Just like this Strawberry Cheesecake I made for my siblings upon request.

Baking this is pretty tricky but the best method I’ve tried so far is using bain marie while baking in the oven for about 40 minutes on a 350-degree oven.

So for this Valentines’ Day, treat your loved one to this decadent dessert and give the cheesiest expression of your affections. 🙂

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