P.S. Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate+Cream Cheese: A match made in heaven!

This should have been posted pre-Valentine’s. But fulfilling orders and keeping up with my day job filled my days of late.  But this new Chocolate Cheesecake recipe is worth mentioning as a post script (P.S.) to my Valentine’s Day blog.

A friend of mine requested a cheesecake for someone special on this special day. And knowing the recipient is also a foodie adventurist, it was the best time to experiment on a recipe I’ve been itching to try. I’ve always wanted to bake a chocolate cheesecake–one that’s rich and creamy but not too sweet; luxurious but not over the top, and definitely chocolate-y but still striking a balance with its cream cheese counterpart. And I remembered the recipe where I could base it from. This chocolate cheesecake was a recipe published by my favorite Domestic Goddess (next to Martha), Nigella Lawson. I tweaked it to my liking and voila, my Chocolate Dreamboat Cheesecake is born: rich, velvety, and creamy chocolate-y. It’s truly the marriage of two favorite indulgence: chocolate and cream cheese–a match made in heaven. And there’s no better day to introduce it to the market than Valentine’s Day itself.

Ah...What a Dreamboat!

After delivering this requested order for my friend, another order came to try it. I’ve received none but great reviews for this baby. And this chocolate cheesecake is definitely close to the [my] heart.

Happy Hearts’ Day, folks!

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